To: Dear EXW Valued customers

From: Ningbo Excellence Communicated Connector Co., Ltd.

Subject: Customer Satisfaction Survey – 2023

We sincerely appreciate your valuable time in participating in our annual customer satisfaction survey. Your feedback holds great significance for us, and we are grateful for your openness in sharing your thoughts and experiences. Before the customer satisfaction survey, we would like to provide a brief overview of our progress and developments in 2023:

  • ■ Lean Production & Efficiency Improvement
    Assembly Workshop

    ● Implemented Automatic Cross Cutting Machine, Efficiency Improved 50%.

    Gold Plating Workshop

    ● Improved the Production Lines of the Gold Plating to enhance the Electronic Performance of Gold Blade.

    Injection Workshop

    ● Implemented 4 sets of Hydraulic Locking Device, Efficiency Improved 25%, Mold Change Time Reduced from 8 min. to 6 min.

    ● Introduced an Automatic Packing Machine, Packing Efficiency of RJ45 Boot Increased 100% from 30K pcs/day to 60Kpcs/day.

    Insertion Workshop

    ● Improved the Plug Insertion Machines, Production Efficiency of Shielded Plug Improved 20% from 2,500 pcs/hr to 3,000 pcs/hr.

  • ■ Innovation & ESG

    ● Honored as "Green Plant" in Ningbo City in Aug.,2023.


    ● Improved LED Lights, Lighing Energy Consumption Reduced 34.1% in Injection Workshop & 22.2% Reduced in Stamping Workshop.

    ● 55 sets Equipments Installed with Ddigital Electric Meter

    ● Added the Energy Management Dashboard in War Room.

    ● 326,000kWh produced by Nov.,2023, Saved 130 tons of Coals/ Reduced 154 tons of Carbon Emission / Planted 211 Trees.

    ● Plan to Introduce ISO 50001 Energy Management in 2024.

    Knowledge Management

    ● Introduced Knowledge Management System on Mar.,2023.

    ● The Second Exemplary Document Presentation Events is scheduled on December 27, 2023. This year, we aim to submit 71 Knowledge Documents, with plans to submit 165 in 2024.

    ● EXW Strive to Lead in Communication Field, Delivering Innovative Solutions for Customer Satisfaction.


    ● 6 New Patents acquired in 2023.

    ● Total : 73 Patents.

  • ■ New Products
    This year we have designed the below three types new products. We are glad to provide the free samples for your confirmation if you have interesting.
    1.ESG PATCH CORD: Reduce Carbon Footprint by 35%
  • 2.DUAL-COLOR BOOT: Save Stock & Save Cost
    3.180° ROTABLE PATCH CORD: Applied in Special Bending Situation Expected Ready Time: Q2, 2024
Ningbo Excellence Communicated Connector Co., Ltd.

Customer Survey

Thank you very much for participating in this survey. Please read the instruction carefully and answer according to the actual situation, please feel free to fill it out. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Customer Services
  • EXW Sales Representative:
  • 1.Sales Representative `s Attitudes
  • 2.On-time Delivery
  • 3.Packing List Accuracy
  • 4.Invoices Accuracy
  • 5.Logistics Cooperation
Other Suggestions:
Technical Support
  • 6.Sampling Efficiency
  • 7.New Product Development
  • 8.Technical Consultation
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III.Product Quality
  • 9.Quality Stability
  • 10.Quality Improvement
  • 11.Customer Compliant Response
Other Suggestions:
Ⅳ.Overall Impression
  • 12.Company Impression
V.2023 Review and 2024 Outlook Survey
  • 13.Do you fulfill your annual target in 2023?
  • 14.How do you expect for 2024?
  • 15.Would you recommend EXW to the other clients?
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Thanks very much for your support!